Shuttle Floor Trailer



The Shuttle Floor is the world’s only full width belt trailer designed for hauling a wide variety of products. The true value of the innovation is the ability to haul a wide range of products. From waste, agricultural products, pallets, landscaping materials even snow - the Shuttle Floor is truly a versatile hauling solution.
Sludge and Waste
Reduce cross contamination because the trailer cleans itself. No more spraying down of vegetable oils or lining with hay. You can also unload in half the time of a walking floor
No more dumps dangerously in the air, and, your flow control means you can easily fill your hoppers.
Landscaping, Snow and Coal
Just one trailer can run all your landscaping products- all year long. No slamming tailgates and easy deliveries. You can even carry pallets.



Watch our Trout River Shuttle Floor trailer Video