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Live Bottom Trailers

All Trout River Live Bottom Trailers are designed with our customers' best interest in mind. Whether you work in road construction, haul aggregates, or are in agriculture, our trailer will help you increase production and make more money. We are committed to manufacturing a quality product that provides the ultimate solution for your business. The Trout River Live Bottom virtually eliminates fear of rollovers and allows for unloading indoors. This trailer has no off-season. It keeps you in the game 24/7/365. 


What’s the difference between live bottoms?


The Trout River Chain:


1. Our 4” 2160 Chain is an essential component to the strength and durability of our trailers. The Trout River Chain has 70,000 Lbs. of pull strength (X2) giving a whopping 140,000 Lbs. of strength. Our chain is the "Hulk" of the live bottom market.

The Conveyor:


2.  At Trout River Industries our roots are engrained in the knowledge of how to build a conveyor. We are the only live bottom manufacturerwho builds their conveyor on a hardened rail system. Our Junior I-Beam constructionhelps to spread the load evenly throughout the unit. This allows the conveyor to handle stressful loads without fear of bending or breaking the conveyor. This is essential to saving your company money and costly downtime. 



The Rounded Tub:


3. The Trout River Rounded Tub is the defining characteristic of our Live Bottom Trailer. Not only does it look great, but it defines safety and productivity. The rounded tub has a lower center of gravity which means the load won't shift going around corners. The rounded tub also promotes an evenly distributed load, which equals maximum payload at the end of the day. Our live bottom is also two (2) feet lower than any of our competitors which alleviates worry from overhead lines or loader buckets. The Trout River live bottom is the safest on the market today. 


Trailer Attachments:


4.  Trout River manufactures optional attachments for their trailers to help make you more money on all kinds of job sites. The "Quick Attach" coupling makes connecting to the trailer seamless and time efficient.

The spreader attachment enables a controlled flow of material to be spread evenly on any job site from parling lots to driveways.

The Shouldering Attachment is well suited for road shouldering, guard rails and wash outs. It is reversible giving you the ability to do both sides of the road.


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