Q:  Where is Trout River?
A:  Trout River is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Yes, we agree that it is a odd place to have a manufacturing facility- but it does have some serious advantages. We have an excellent workforce that is solely dedicated to putting out a high quality product and we are the kind of people you can talk to (no voicemail).

Secondly, we have a network of factory trained, second to none, dealers an authorized service centres across Canada and in the United States. 

Q:  How long has Trout River been in business?
A:  Since 1999.

Q:  How big is Trout River Industries:
A:  Trout River is the largest live bottom trailer manufacturer in Canada.  In 2012 we produced 112 units.  Trout River has dealers, distributors, factory reps across Canada and the United States.  The company has fifty six (56) employees.  Trout River also has a distributor in Europe and licensing agreement in Australia.
Live Bottom

Q:  What can it haul?
A:  The live bottom is mainly used by road builders.  Its rugged design is ideal for asphalt and aggregates.  Trout River’s standard design can haul materials up to 6”.  Trout River’s rounded tub also means that there are less restrictions on the load- making it a better hauling solution for clays and soils.  See video

Q:  Can I haul asphalt and aggregate?
A:   Yes, very well.  Trout River’s conveyor system is designed for the road builder.  The trailer comes with a standard “reversing valve” that allows operators to bring the load back in- without spilling asphalt on the pavement. Trout River’s belt is also rated to minus twenty (-20 Celsius) this means that the trailer can also be used in the winter to haul aggregates or even salt. 

Q:  What makes Trout River better?
A:    Trout River is a robust trailer that was designed right from the beginning. The trailer gives a balanced load which means that you can maximize your weight over the truck. The tub is bolted to the undercarriage which greatly reduces the stress on the frame. The rounded tub means that there is a lower centre of gravity which is safer going into corners and ramps, an overall lower trailer with greater capacity, less wear on the tub and the material has less of a chance of being stuck in the crossbars. Trout River has the strongest conveyor on the market that is twice as strong as its nearest competitor.
Maintenance is simplified and accessible (coloured lines, large inspection doors, bolted chain cross bars)
The Trout River is also the most versatile trailer on the market from the fact you can use it all year long- to its reversing valve- to its attachments. See Video

Shuttle Floor

Q:  What can it haul?
A:  The Shuttle Floor performs the best on bulky items.  Today the shuttle floor is hauling human waste, contaminated soils, agricultural products, pulp waste, source separated organics and landscaping materials to name a few.
The Shuttle Floor also performs best if you do not want the driver to touch the load.  Because the trailer self cleans- the driver does not have to get into the unit or climb over piles.

Q:  Is it water tight?
A:  No.  We have made it as water resistant as possible but it isn’t a tanker.  If the material is congealed (like pudding), it holds very well.  If the water separates from the load (or is watered after loading) it could leak.

Q:  Who else makes the Shuttle Floor?
A:  No one.  Trout River patented this unique design.
Trout River Service

Q:  Where do I get it fixed if Trout River is all the way out in Prince Edward  Island?
A:   Trout River has authorized service centres in all of its sales regions.  This means that most locations have been trained at the factory,  have easy access to our service team and stock parts.

Q:  What should I expect for maintenance?
A:  Let’s face it- a live bottom trailer is not a flatdeck.  It is a machine on wheels and requires additional attention. As a rule of thumb- you should expect an extra hour per week of maintenance (checking conveyor tension, oiling chain daily, checking cables, greasing etc).

Q:  How do I train my drivers?
A:  All of our partners have been factory trained.  All customers are to be trained on delivery of the unit.  If you ever need additional training- you can ask one of our partners, or us at the factory or we can send you a video.