About Trout River



Trout River is proud to be a privately held Canadian company that manufactures both live bottom and their patented Shuttle Floor trailers in Coleman, Prince Edward Island Canada.


Trout River specializes in live bottom conveyor trailers. Since they built their first trailer in 1999, they have grown to become Canada's largest live bottom trailer manufacturer.


Trout River is a global brand that is known for its innovation, and ability to generate wealth. We sell directly to the customer in Atlantic Canada and are fortunate to have a dealer network from Québec to British Columbia in Canada. We have also established partnerships with dealers from Maine to Pennsylvania in the United States.


The Trout River brand continues to grow internationally as well. We have licensing agreements in place with both Trout River Australia, Europe and the Manaseer Group in Jordan. For more view our sales network here.


Contact the authorized Trout River dealer in your area to learn how the Trout River line of trailers can help your business today. See the difference here.