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"Trout River's Shuttle Floor and Live Floor have been in our fleet for many years and I think they make the best trailer in the industry. We have used many of their competitors and no one has performed and stood behind their product more than Darrin and Harvey at Trout River. With our past and current experience with Trout River we would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to prospective buyers."

Geoffrey Joseph - CEO, Joseph Haulage


Welcome to Trout River Industries


Trout River Industries are proud manufacturers of the world renowned Live Bottom and Shuttle Floor trailers. We are confident that our trailers will make your business money with our innovative and highly efficient trailers! Above all, the entire Trout River team are ready to help you with your specific requirements. Call us today to find out about the vast number of industries ultizing our revolutionary trailers. We'd love to hear from you, call us or click the live chat button above to inquire about how we can help you.



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